CD Songs: We Need To Hear From You – Andrae Crouch

Some songs send me way back.  Way back to a time when I didn’t really know God, but was aware that my parents did in as much as I had to go to church with them on the weekend.  Back in those ‘innocent’ days music played a big part of family life and I remember my Mum playing this song among others on the Finally album.  Seriously, the Finally album by Andrae Crouch is one of my favourite albums regardless of genre – it’s a masterful piece of work.

The first song I remember from the album was this one and I know it had an effect on my Mum because the copy we had taped for us had some shrieks in the background (back in the day it wasn’t straight tape to tape, it was mic’d so other things could be picked up).  Some of those shrieks would have been us children larking about, but one of them is distinctly my Mum affirming the nature of the song with a shout of praise.  Gotta say I was a bit nervous when Mum did that shout, as I often did when my Mum did shouts of praise.  Now a few decades later I too could offer up more than a few shouts in agreement with the sentiments of the song.

I find at the beginning of every day it’s best to kick off with something in the heart that’s been planted by God as a word for the day.  That does not have to be THE WORD, but it’s good to have at least a word to meditate and ponder on through the day, and maybe with the experiences that will take place that will trigger off other words, sentences, paragraphs and entire chapters of life that God would have you know.

The alternative is to go by our own word – and lets face it, if our track record is anythign to go by, we had best steer clear from our word and get the Word from above to set us straight.

Thank God for men like Andrae Crouch who so brilliantly got the word to share the word on how we need the word for there is indeed no other way that we can live.

For His Name’s Sake




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